Associação Brasileira de Bunker


A plural and qualified group to discuss and create a purposeful agenda for the improvement of the industry of bunker in Brazil.

ABRABUNKER’s commitments:


• Promote a national forum for discussion and development of the industry of bunker in different regions of Brazil.
• Represent the industry in discussions and negotiations with national and international policy makers, legislators and other groups and organization
• Analyze, clarify, improve, develop and endorse, when appropriate, methods, practices and documents related to bunker’ industry
• Promote and increase the understanding and competence of all professionals in the industry of bunker
• Increase, jointly with other associations, federations, confederations, public and private entities, of all kinds, the research and improvement of the operation, safety and efficiency of the bunker industry

• Strict compliance criteria for the acceptance of new members, in order to guarantee the real legitimacy of the associates and purpose of ABRABUNKER.

Diversity to identify the biggest challenges in the Brazilian bunker’s market

An Association that is incorporated with national range, seeking to address the main regional challenges of our country.

Commitment to Brazil

ABRABUNKER has established partnerships with International Associations, Universities and Research and Development Centers, in order to gather different perspectives that can promote continuous improvement of the bunker industry in Brazil.

Its members have an active voice in the construction of a propositional agenda and have the duty to represent the Association in their markets, sharing the best practices in order to keep a healthy and balanced

Understand the needs of our industry and provide solutions to develop Brazil.